Creating Warranty Certificates


Warranty Certificate - CHS

Warranty Certificate - CHR

Warranty Certificate - CDR

1. Obtain Proper Paper

The warranty paper can be purchased from Paper Direct through their mail order catalog or on their website.


Toll Free (call to request a catalog): 800-272-7377

The paper to use is the Stratton in maroon/gray SKU#: CT1081. It comes in boxes of 100 sheets. If Stratton is not available, the Grand in gold/ black (SKU #CT1061) is an acceptable alternative. A similar certificate paper in black or red colors is acceptable if paper from Paper Direct is not available.

2. Obtain Template/Art  

You have been provided with a template for printing the Warranty Certificate in Adobe PDF format. This template will fit on the recommended paper. If you have lost your templates you may request them via email from Rachel Maxim.

3. Print Certificate

Load the paper in your printer so it will print on the correct side. Open the warranty document. Go to FILE > PRINT or click the printer icon at the top of the page. Click "Properties" and make sure that the page is set to print in Landscape format. Make sure that "Fit to page" is unchecked. Click PRINT.

4. Sign Certificate

The owner should sign and date the certificate. For authenticity's sake it is not recommended that you make copies of the certificate with the signature – each warranty should have a real signature.


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